Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Bags are packed; I’m ready to go...

All my worldly possessions (well, almost):

I have everything packed and stacked and ready to go. The movers are due to arrive in two hours to load up the truck, then we will head to Puerto Vallarta in the morning.

I sold the house furnished because I intend to rent furnished, but this is still too much stuff to be moving around. I will continue to work on purging the  excess and try to avoid buying anything that is not consumable.

Actually, over half of this huge stack is quilt-related. I’ve always been a better artist than salesperson, but I think sales will come easier in the larger population of Puerto Vallarta.

I have a few items that I will take in my car. My grandmother’s cedar chest that she promised to give me when I was a child and then made sure it would get to me after she died, and her Martha Washington sewing cabinet. My trusty sewing machine and my cutting boards, which would warp in the heat. And my meditation pillow.

I’ve been working pretty much seven days a week since late June to get the house all fixed up and then to go through every drawer and cupboard and closet to decide what to get rid of. I never realized what a hard job that would be! I hired professionals to handle my yard sale in September because I knew that I would think things were worth more than other people would. I didn’t even allow myself to check their prices; I just hid out in my casita next door.

Once that was all cleaned up and my pocket was full of money, I started doing the same thing with my fabrics and quilting supplies. I did sell lots of fabric, books, patterns, quilting supplies, etc. - it was just like I had my quilt shop again. I had hoped to sell lots of quilts, but that didn’t happen. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble selling them in Puerto Vallarta because there are so many more potential buyers there.

Anyway, once everything is safely stored away in Puerto Vallarta, I will enjoy a week of relaxation at my friend Judy’s house. She is fixing me up with some rental agents to see what might be available in  March or April. I’m hoping this will work out so when this year’s flock of snowbirds heads north, I’ll be able to move into my new apartment.

I’ll let you know how that comes out when I write again in a week or so.


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