Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I Found an Apartment!

Third floor - three windows on the left

I found an apartment this morning! It is owned by my friend Judy’s landlord and is only about a kilometer from her apartment. It is being completely remodeled, so I will get to choose cabinets, colors, furniture, etc. It is two bedrooms, but it is small, about 550 sq. feet - almost like a tiny house on the third floor. One bedroom will be set up to accommodate my quilting and art and the other will be for sleeping. I’ll have a sofa bed in the living room for guests.

The remodel is still in process, but this allows them to take their time to get it done while I am wandering around the Yucatán Peninsula. It will help me to know I have a place to come home to and it will help the landlord to know that he already has a long-term renter lined up.

This isn’t any thing fancy; it’s rather simple and minimalist - just what I want. Even the rent is minimalist: $400 US per month. I don’t have a pool, but if I want to swim, I can visit Judy. It has safe parking for regular use but not secure enough to leave my car while traveling. Again, Judy will save the day. I can park in her very secure space while I travel. And, at sea level, those two flights of stairs aren’t bothering me one bit! I’m not even out of breath when I reach my door!

I thought for sure I would rent in Old Town, but when I spent four hours walking those streets on Sunday, looking for “for rent” signs, I realized just how bad the roads are, how difficult it is to walk the sidewalks, how dirty and crowded it is, and how full of tourists. I recognized just how different it is a bit farther north, near the marina. I will be quite near Costco, Sam’s, Mega and La Comer, and yet I will live in an apartment complex that is almost all Mexicans (and, interestingly, almost all women.)

So now I have my house sold, almost all my stuff moved and in storage, and I have a place to live. I feel like I’m on a roll!

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  1. Synchronicity is such a lovely thing! You're in the flow, so it's all coming together perfectly. All you have to do is row row row your boat.