Sunday, August 21, 2016

Starting Over

Hi! I'm back! Is anyone there? I guess so! It seems that while I have been busy doing so many other things, you, and a bunch of other people, have been busy reading my blog. So now you've all made me feel guilty about not writing all this time. Fortunately, I been feeling an urge to write again, so here I am.

I guess I owe you an explanation of where I've been for the past couple of years. Actually, I've pretty much been right here in my house in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. In case you haven't discovered my other blogs, I decided at the beginning of 2015 that I wanted to learn to sketch, so I began doing a sketch a day and sharing them all on a blog. I learned so much about drawing while I was doing that, but I eventually found that one-a-day pressure to be more than I wanted, so I gave that idea up in the middle of the year. This year, I've been working on another blog to share my genealogy information with the rest of my family. It's not really the kind of thing non-family-members would be interested in, but I'm certainly finding out about some interesting ancestors. I'm still working on that one, but I've decided to try to squeeze in a post a week on this blog again.

I thought of going back and re-reading all my old posts to remind myself of what I wrote before, but I decided that might make me feel like I had to write like I did before. If I contradict what I said before, maybe I've changed my mind. Or maybe I've learned something new. Believe whichever story you want to believe.

I originally started this blog because I see so many people around me who do nothing but eat junk and hang out in bars all day, smoking and getting drunk with the same old crowd. If they're not at the bar, they are sitting in front of a TV. Living in retirement paradise but wasting their lives. I thought I might be able to convince some of them to try to live a bit healthier. I finally have come to realize that that's the way they want to live, and nothing I write will change anyone who doesn't want to change. So, okay, they can waste their lives if they want to. I've got better things to do!

Before, I did lots of research and tried to offer some advice. Now, I'm just going to write. If you want to read about the stuff that's swirling around in my head, great! If not, that's okay, too.

I've had a lot of people tell me that I should write a book about my life. I don't quite get that. It's just a life - the only one I know. I'm not sure why others would want to read about it. I've done some interesting things, but mostly I think I've just handled what life has thrown at me. Some of it came as the result of unwise decisions I've made, some of it was a real challenge, some of it was a blast, but most of it was just living day to day.

I think the fact that I'll be 65 by the end of this year has got me thinking about my past at the same time that planning my move back to the United States after living in Mexico for over twelve years has me thinking about the future. I'm really excited about that. It's been fun down here in Margaritaville, but I'm ready to start the next chapter in my life -  a whole new adventure!

I hope you'll decide to check in now and then to see what's going on.


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