Monday, April 7, 2014

A Note to My Readers

I know, I know... I haven't been keeping up with my blog for a long time. I'm sorry, but I guess my priorities have just changed.

I began work in November for a quilt competition in Mexico City. It was probably the most time-consuming quilt I've ever made. At the same time, I was working on hand-piecing and hand-quilting a quilt for a very special (to me) baby in Japan. The good news here is that the quilt made it from Mexico to Japan, and I won the "Judge's Choice" award and a new sewing machine. (No photo today but I will write about the quilt and contest soon.)

As soon as I'd finished the quilt - and before the competition - I began digging out and throwing out or moving almost all the plants in my garden. I loved the Jungle look I had going, but so did the bugs. As they say here in Mexico, I had a "plague" of scale insects. All the healthy "Jungle" plants are now in my various patios, but I had scale on just about everything else and nothing seemed to help. We trimmed tree-like bushes back to 2-3' bare branches with no leaves for the scale to hide on, and everythig else is down to  bare ground. I'm bringing in new top soil and planning to replant with herbs - both the culinary types and the smell-good types. I'm also planning to expand my beds to make room for a few Heirloom vegetables in between the other stuff. Growing season is pretty much year around here. We have just entered the hot, dry season. In mid-June, the rains will come and will bring cooler weather. That seems like the best time to plant.

And that will be good timing, too, because am I leaving in two weeks for what has become an annual long vacation. I had thought I'd stay closer to home this year, but a good friend invited me to join her trip to London, Greece, and Turkey. An offer I couldn't refuse! Adding a week of shopping time in California, I will be gone for 6 weeks. We have rented an apartment in Athens and she has arranged a couple of home exchanges in Tinos, Greece, and Ortakent, Turkey, so we will be in hotels only in London and Istanbul.

Finally, I want to explain that I have had to start approving comments before posting them. Unfortunately, I am being inundated with comments that are not much more than outright commercials or links to other sites. I am sorry if you are one of the people who has commented this way. I do not have the time to check out all of these links, so I will automatically mark any linked comment as spam.