Monday, May 6, 2013

My Neighborhood in Aix

I love that my apartment is in the old medieval part of Aix. Most of the buildings were built in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

The roads are narrow and wind around every which way. Theoretically, each road has a center section for one way vehicle traffic, and pedestrians should stick to the outer edges near the buildings. In reality, though, very few vehicles brave the maze - mostly just small delivery trucks. Because of this, the people think nothing of walking up the center of the road. That ocassional car has to be be very patient with them.

Although there aren't really any parking places in this area, any spot that is a few inches wider than usual can become a parking place.

The small door at the center of this photo is my door. It leads to a passageway to the storage room of the shoe store on the right and to the stairway up to the four floors of apartments above. I think the door on the left leads to bigger and fancier apartments next door.

Most of the buildings have shops on the ground floor. Many of the shops have a tiny front area (many as small as 12'X15') but I have no idea how big their storage area might be. Most of them look very modern, which is rather anachronistic considering the old buildings where they are located.

The streets seem to be full of people most of the time - not full enough to be crowded, but enough that the shops seem to have plenty of business.

I discovered yesterday that Sunday is an exception. I went out mid-afternoon for a bottle of wine and was very surprised to see that the streets were practically empty and almost all of the shops were closed up. I didn't get my wine, but I did note that most of the shops were covered with wooden doors that seemed to match the age of the buildings.

I will make sure that I never run out of wine on Sunday again!

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