Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vi Hart

I just found out about the amazing Vi Hart yesterday when my friend sent me a link to one of her videos. That video led to another and then another and another. Now I'm addicted and can't stop watching these videos. I think you will react the same way when you see them.

And if you already know about Vi Hart, why in the world didn't you tell me about her sooner?

The thing about these videos that makes me really mad is that if I had seen them fifty years ago it would probably have led to a major change in my life. I would have stayed interested in school. I would have continued getting straight As. I would have realized at a young age that math and science are so interesting. I would have gone straight from high school to college instead of waiting until I was almost forty to rediscover how wonderful learning can be.

I found three ways to see Vi's stuff. The first is at is her blog. The second is through Khan Academy. And the third is on You Tube. These may get you the same videos or they may have some different ones, so check them all out.

This is the shortest post I have ever written, but I hope you will use your usual reading time to watch some of these videos. I promise that you won't be sorry you did.

And if you know about other sites like this, please send me a comment to let me know about them. And if you know anyone young, male or female, please share these sites with them. I know they will love them and it might change their lives in time to make a difference.

Have fun!

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